Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More space fun.

Professional columnist Lenore Skenazy is now copying my post on NASA's ridiculous science projects. But she got a list of absurd projects that actual rocket scientists invented, instead of farming them out to 6th graders. And as you would expect their projects are slightly less asinine, involving sending up spiders, slime molds and snail embryos. Now, I can vaguely imagine that the first two might create some mildly different web or growth patterns, which would be interesting to to, oh say... at least 10 Phd.s in the world, but snail embryos? Why? What did they think would happen? Just think, even if you did create a giant mutant snail, by the time it gets to Taiwan, China's mutant pigs will already have eaten everything in sight, taken a mud bath and been gone for a week. Next time send up Rottweiler embryo's. mmm... bacon.

For purpose of comparison Here is a...

Snail Embryo

Mutant Snail invading China.
Note how it is larger and lighter colored than
a normal V. intertextus.

a rottweiler.


At 2:19 PM, Blogger DL said...

Hey Mike, what's up with that map on the side of your blog?


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