Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Day Closer to Paradise

Rodin's "TheThinker" is certainly a good statue, but I have always felt that what it needed to be truly great is to get rid of the statue and maybe drop a twig on the base that's left. Then it would really be art.

Some may disagree with that, but they clearly have no conception of modern art. In 2003 Martin Creed's "Light Bulb turning On and Off" (and that title pretty much describes it) won the prestigous Turner Prize for "making art out of almost nothing." This year, the Royal Academy did them one better by leaving out the art entirely. Instead they nominated the base for David Hansel's statue "One Day Closer to Paradise" , which had apparrently been separated from his sculpture of a head and was entered seperately. The head itself was considered too mundane. Considering this, what would you show up with to win an art competition in England? I'm thinking:
2007- bring nothing at all and say nothing. Let the judges interpret my work.
2008- Don't even show up.
2009- Nominate my brother who doesn't even do art.
2010- My possible children are artists/art in potentia. Truly they already represent the greatest and most cutting edge of modern art. Posted by Picasa


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I really couldn't imagine how they could beat a light bulb turning on and off. Silly me. Anyway for 2011 I say enter a previous year's winner since, well...why not? I haven't come up with a justification for it but aparrently you don't have to.



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