Tuesday, September 20, 2005


So Terry Pratchet has come out with a new novel. I've only read the first few pages (In a bookstore. I'm waiting for the paperback edition.) but so far it looks to be just as funny as all the rest. Police Chief Vimes now has a son and finally allows vampires into the watch, giving up his last prejudice and thus completing his transformation from low class ruffian to modern middle class dad. Bwahahaha! Soon, even Nobby Nobbs will be respectable ahahha!
The title is also blatant advertising for his board game, of the same name which is a few years old. Strangely enough the Thud website does not give a good description of what the game is actually like. They claim that this is because the game would be incredibly easy to dublicate with a pencil and paper and a few markers, and they don't want lose any money on sales. As much as I am always in favore of people making money, I still think it's stupid. No other board game company that I know of is so paranoid and they seem to make money. Also, this being the internet age you can find the rules in about 5 seconds if you search. Out of respect for terry pratchett however, I will not link to them here.

Instead, I will link to them here.

Thud the game

Live Thud from Wadfest 2003


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous David Loewinger said...

Thud, thud, thwack.


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