Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's free food today.

So today I was was walking by the study lounge in our dorm and noticed Michelle was in there with some other people, so I stopped by to say hi. It turns out that this was our dorm's Spaghetti Dinner Night, which I hadn't heard of. I had already eaten dinner, but it would be impolite to stay and not eat, right? And besides they had min-cupcakes. So I had a second dinner and met some more people in the dorm.

Reshma, Osma (she organized the dinner.) and Randall

Then I went over to the library to study with (the other) Reshma. She was slightly late and there was extra pizza, soda and brownies from some school function earlier in the day. And even though I'd already had two dinners, I love pizza and -hey- it was free. So I had my third dinner for the night. Delicious. Then Reshma and I went over EKG's and pressure-volume loops. Even more fun! Yay! Posted by Picasa


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